Should Diabetics Give Up Diet Soda ?

The Diet Soda Debate

The old diet soda debate rages onward. As a Diabetic Should you have that diet soda?

You’re a recently diagnosed diabetic that has always had an affinity for sugared pops.

I mean who doesn’t love a tasty, Dr.Pepper on the rocks? Yummy. Sweet, cold sugary gold.

Beats liquor or alcohol any day. Nothing can compare.

By now as a diabetic you already know you have to monitor you’re diet and sugar intake closely.

Photo of sign that says diet did I eat that

Checking the packaging on new diet soda drinks is crucial if you are unsure or trying a new diet plan.

By now you also know that regular sugary drinks are likely off limits. Non diet sodas hold sugar way beyond the limits you need to restrict to.

To avoid causing a spike in blood sugar levels, opting for Diet Sodas to quench your craving for carbonated goodness are a signature go to.

But, is it true that a diabetic can have his or her fair share of diet soda daily without causing problems to arise?

Can Diabetics Trust Artificial Sweeteners ?

Is it true that artificial sweeteners are much safer for individuals with diabetes?

According to,, Aspartame and saccharin are some of the most common sweeteners in diet soda, and are both approved by the FDA.

So, it’s Safe! Have that diet soda you’ve been craving! Except wait, there’s a catch. You have to drink diet soda in moderation. Binges are off limits!!

You’re probably wondering why i’m telling you this but I figured it be important to put it out there. I’m also guessing that most of you already know this and have adjusted your diets so.

Just to be safe make sure you know the risks you are taking on. Diabetics especially need to watch out for over consumption of diet sodas.

Still though, you should treat yourself and many people with diabetes still enjoy their carbonated guilty pleasures.

Pouring diet soda in cups

Adding weight by over consuming diet sodas can pose health risks, but nothing a healthy exercise routine can’t balance out.

Limited consumption of diet soda paired with a steady workout routine can help limit some of the consequences brought on from soda.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like working out, maybe rewarding yourself after could work for you.

If i’m feeling unmotivated to go on a run, sometimes I tell myself if I go i’ll treat myself with a pizza when I get back. Seems to work for me, you should try it too!

If diet soda is a must have for you then it’s worth it to exercise. Your mind and body both deserve it.

Plus, diet sodas are so tasty. Some even taste just like their original versions. Don’t give up on soda you can still make it work and enjoy the pleasures of carbonated beverages.

For that reason, something that deserves a bit of our time is Aspartame. Without it there might never have been diet soda.

It is one of the most researched additives in the market. Not a natural sugar but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.

Natural substances can be harmful but aspartame in moderation isn’t all to harmful.

However, the affects can be dangerous if you have too much of it. As you all know by now too much of anything is bad for you.

It all boils down to discipline and consumption in moderation. I know it can be a drag to track what you eat, but I believe diabetics in particular really need to.

You are the driver of your engine and you choose what fuel you use.

Implementing a workout routine while having your soda from time to time can keep you balanced.

Find your balance, it is a major key.

Even if your living with diabetes, it is still possible to drink diet soda and live a healthy lifestyle.

We hope that you understand Aspartame a little more than you did before you starting reading.

So be careful with diet soda, know what you are putting in your body. Reward yourself but don’t over treat yourself.

Diet soda is a wonderful thing and just because you are diabetic doesn’t mean you don’t get to have treats.

Just remember having too much can cause blood sugar spikes.

You can skip breakfast one morning but that doesn’t mean it’s right to do so. If your diabetic, passing on light meals or not having a meal at all can cause implications.

I guess what i’m trying to say is each food has it’s own repercussions relating to blood sugar and weight gain.

Even something as simple as passing up a meal can change blood sugar levels. Consequences are varied depending on the food you choose to eat or not eat.

“Free” foods are far and few between. The sooner we realize this the quicker we can adjust our awareness to diet.

As long as you don’t pig out, Aspartame is considered a safe alternative for diabetics. Control your cravings and you can enjoy diet soda.

The Dark Side of Artificial Sweeteners in Diet Soda

I know, I know. Your’re probably thinking how can this dude just write so many good things about unnatural sugar then flip the switch on us.

Well, it is my duty to give you both sides of the story.

We wouldn’t want to paint the wrong picture and turn this article into a possible blood bath filled with wrong doings and causing ya’ll to start believing that over consumption of fake sugar is okay.

No, no, no, no sir! I will not allow chaos to ensue from this highly popular post. Not on my watch.

So, I’m here to warn you for the possible risks you could face from drinking diet soda daily.

I know, I hate to be a debbie downer but this will be quick.

According to, , Two diet drinks daily could pose health risks.

The article above states that two diet soda drinks can increase the risks of cancer and heart disease…Oh no!

How are we going to survive!?? The Earth is shattering beneath our feet!

So I guess we’ll just shrug it off  and continue onward with our guilty pleasure in mind. Muahahaha.

We’re all slowly dying anyways. I guess this calls for a, “You made my bed so lie in it” type saying. Yeah, that works.

We can use that. I sleep better when my needs are satisfied anyways.

Okay, I guess i’m being overly dramatic in sense, but again that in itself is fine, too.

In all seriousness though, a quick skim of that article would do you well. It warns you of health risks like poor embryos or eggs and lower fertility rates caused from drinking too much soda.

The 1/3 increase in stroke and heart attack risk are actually quite alarming. If you’re drinking two sodas a day it could pose some problems if not monitored.

What works for you , might not work for others. I imagine weight and lifestyle are also crucial variables to try to control in a diabetics lifestyle.

It’s all important to at the least take notice of these things. Do your own research and maybe dig deeper than myself into the claim.

Speaking of claims…this article also said that more research was needed to determine the link between diet soda and diabetes. So, maybe just maybe, there are flaws in the studies.

We all have flaws you know, that’s okay, got to work with what you got.

That being the case, some more flaws that it states is that the studies weren’t adjusted for overall unhealthy lifestyles and previous soda drinking habits.

Well well, what do we have here? Seems as if the studies done haven’t accounted for some vital health habits that could have drastically changed the outcome of these studies.

The important thing to note though, is that they did their best. So will we though, right?

You and I will do our best to limit diet soda intake, especially if you’re diabetic. Perhaps adding more vegetables and exercise can help alleviate the two cups plus of diet soda consumed.

I’d like to think so. I do believe so. I hope you do too, but you won’t take my word for it. Neither would I. Guess I’ll have to enjoy posting a link with some research backing it.

Plant Foods are Tiny Miracle Medicines

I dug up that information I mentioned at the bottom of the previous sub heading. Here is the source, .

We are saved. Out Diet soda addiction can be sustained! Ultimately, still limiting the soda intake daily but not altogether giving up diet soda in our diets.

This cool source I found with a simple google search states that Eating vegetables before consuming carbohydrates or anything really that causes your blood sugar to spike.

This is where the diet soda drinking comes in, since like any other sugary substance it can spike blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Anyways, the study shows that by eating vegetables before consuming anything that causes these spikes will allow you to maintain proper Glycemic control and keep your blood sugar from spiking.

Photo of vegetables that can help blood sugar spikes The Daily Supply

Yay! Seems like it is true and you can have your diet soda. With a little discipline and diet change it’s seems possible to consume 1-2 cups of diet soda a day.

Eating veggies beforehand can offset any sugar spikes. I think, though, that it doesn’t mean you should drink more than 2-3 cups of diet soda a day.

Moderation is still important. Although, it’s clear that you can lower the consequences of sugar by switching over to the green side.

The green side include healthy veggies like Kale. Yummy! I love Kale. Honestly Kale smoothies aren’t so bad.

Throw in a couple bananas, some vanilla extract, kale, some honey(don’t overdo it), and cinnamon and you have yourself a simple recipe.

One that can combat your diet soda drinking. However, don’t forget that the article does mention you have to consume veggies right before you have your soda to see results.

The article does specifically state carbohydrates, and we are dealing with artificial sweetener.

However, gauging from the source and the studies done on patients, it seems clear to me that this use of veggies lowers the risk of sugar spikes.

This article ,goes on to state that diet sodas shouldn’t have much of an affect on sugar levels as well.

I know, it’s only one source and tough to trust a journalistic type article but it does give other sources from which it took the information from.

It being a large website and sourcing many other big websites make me feel confident.

My feeling is that if you pair the two then you are in great shape to enjoy your diet soda.

Checkmate! We have found a seriously cool way to prevent blood sugar spikes. So sip on that tasty Diet Dr.Pepper that everyone raves about Because you’re going to be just fine.


Diet soda can be worked into your meal plan so long as you don’t over treat yourself.

The truth is that limited drinking of Diet soda doesn’t drastically affect blood sugar levels.

Artificial Sweeteners are approved by the FDA and their are numerous studies out there showing that they aren’t bad for you.

In all honestly diet soda should be considered a god send. We bow down to you, artificial sweeteners, and thank you for your existence.

Our oh so sweet beverages can be had without a fret or worry of doing so.

Remembering to focus on limiting intake of diet soda. Seeing that you keep consumption light and in turn your heart will be happy you did so.

Artificial sweeteners in diet soda aren’t that bad for you. The research proves it, although many doctors have contrasting opinions on the topic.

It’s likely that indulging in diet soda is unhealthy especially for diabetics, but it’s also likely that careful consumption is fine.

If it says zero calories than treat it as such and have your soda.

Cravings do happen though and are more likely to happen if you drink diet soda often enough.

The problem lies in the fact that some people can get out of control and seek out other sources of sugar.

Pairing a clear mind set with some discipline, you can fight the urge to over eat and still continue to enjoy your beverages.

If you can stay on track with your diet routine then you get the green light on drinking diet soda.














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