Light Carbohydrate Rich Snacks to Eat Before Exercise

Needless to say but important none the less. A nutrient diet is crucial in developing a solid routine. One that can maximizes the work you put in.

It doesn’t matter who you are, we are are all trying to get the most out of our time. Life is short and there are no if, ands or buts about it.

So if you’re a big time heavy lifter or just someone who hits the gym for 30 minutes or so on the daily you could benefit from these tips.

Having the right type of fuel your body needs to work its magic and build those strong muscles is key.

I’ll start by comparing pre-workout nutrition to a student preparing for a big exam. Someone that hits the books hard before big tests has to know EXACTLY what is going to be on his or her exam.

Staying prepared and focused when your professor is giving you the key details to what the test might ask of you is vital. If you aren’t absorbing the right content then you could be performing inefficiently.

Or for that matter even me overloaded with work from other classes by overspending wasted time on useless information. You thought you needed it but did it turn out that way?.

Maybe so but also maybe not. We want to be as proficient as possible. Wasting time here and there on things we might not need could hamper us down the line.

Time is money my dear friends, also it’s fun experiences and memories.

Now I know it might not be the greatest example but I hope I could create a connection here. Giving yourself the proper nutrients and light protein foods is going to let our body perform as optimal as possible.

We want to fuel our body so that we are ready to maximize muscle recovery and growth. Eating 2 hours before our workout will allow the nutrients from our snacks to flow freely. So we can have it stored ready to burn fat and build muscle.

There are so many delicious carbohydrate-rich pre-workout foods to eat that you need not worry your beautiful brain. The messenger is here to deliver the goods and the big no nos as well.

What Foods to Stay Away From?

There are so many terrible foods you shouldn’t touch before a workout. Our body takes up so much energy to digest food. Keeping the food that we eat light before a workout is crucial.

cheese burger

If we overeat before a workout we can cause our body to have heartburn, aches and pains, and even cause permanent damage to our bodies.

There has even been cases of people getting sick and the food inducing an allergic reaction in our bodies. Imagine that.

Imagine going on a run and mid way through having to stop because your whole body is breaking out. You can get rashes, inflammation, and even itchy irritable skin. I know Id feel pretty shocked and go crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

In some cases patients were sent to the hospital.

Keep it as Light as Possible

Make sure to keep it light but also to avoid foods containing trans fats , which take up a ton of energy to digest. Our bodies senses these foods and (not surprisingly) doesn’t know what these foods are.

These foods aren’t natural and it take additional enzymes to break them down.

Basically we don’t want cramps while we run so we must cut out big meals before workouts. Also, an important note is that if we eat a fat meal then the blood circulation heads to our tummies and not to the muscles we’re working.

Keep the blood flowing to where we want to improve.

Eating a big meal will easily slow you down. I mean who wants to do things halfway. Go big or go home! Everyone should want to keep things smooth.

That way there’s no road bumps on our path to stop us from moving forward.

Don’t feel queasy, keep the snacking light and easy.

If you decide to snack harder then make sure your meal is 2 hours before you’re workout. Now that you’ve made it this far, we really Hope you Enjoy the protein-rich snacks listed below.

Here are 10 Light Protein Rich snacks To Eat Before Exercise

1.Egg whites and rice cakes topped with bananas

The rice cakes and bananas provide 50grams or so of carbs and the egg white give you the protein your body needs.

Rice cakes are delicious snack so dress them up with some sauces to liven the meal.

Don’t get too wild over doing it. Remember we have to keep the trans fats to a minimum.

photo of a bundle of bananas

It’s important to consume healthy foods that are high on carbs. The reason is because carbs are the main fuel source for your brain.

Bananas look after your glycogen needs and the added potassium is perfect for a great workout. They boost digestion and that is ideal for proper muscle function during our exercises.

Eggs our also good because they are fast digesting proteins.

2.Banana Porridge 

For a tougher exercise regime. Banana honey porridge is a sweet meal to keep you fueled during your tough workouts.

bowl of carbohydrate rich oatmeal

It can work as a great electrolyte booster as well. Keep your energy levels soaring during your workout with tasty meal.

You could also just do a simple bowl of banana oatmeal with added chia seeds.

Chia seeds can help you retain water better especially when they are soaked.

Not only that but they are packed with vitamins and minerals.

They also contain some much needed protein. Add some nut butter to taste and you have yourself a creative recipe ready to go.

3. Fruit Smoothies

Easy does it, easy on the stomach and a yummy combination.

Blueberries, bananas, nut butter and flax seeds are some simple ingredients you can add your pre workout smoothies.

If you don’t want to use real nut butter you could try some PB2 powder.

Picture of strawberries that can be added to carbohydrate rich snacks

Pb2 powder is powdered peanuts without all the fats. We just learned about this too ! What a cool addition to smoothies, oatmeal, and yogurt parfaits.

This doesn’t have a ton of protein but it’ll get the job done and keep you fueled through you exercise.

Add some honey to slow the release of sugar to your brain. This is a major key with major health and digestive benefits for our bodies.

For some extra calories blend half an avocado with some fruits and almond milk.

4. Almond Coconut Chocolate Smoothie 

This one looks so good and tastes even better. I mean what a tasty way to start off your pre workout diet for the day.

This guilty pleasure is quick and easy to make and low on sugar.  So simple to make.

All you need is coco powder, coconut flakes, and almond milk. Throw is some whey protein and you’ve got yourself amazing in a cup.

You can add coffee to it for all you coffee lovers out there. Coffee actually encourages blood circulation. Don’t overdo it though, because it can and will dehydrate you.

We don’t recommend coffee but hey if you feel like you drink plenty of water, it couldn’t be that bad for you, right? We sure think so. Stay hydrated and all will be well.

In the mean time drink this up before your family members get there hands on it. They’ll be wanting this simple recipe for themselves.

5. Banana Peanut butter toast

This ones another simple one.

Toast your choice of bread, then lather it with peanut butter. You can switch it out with almond butter if you like.

jars of Almond butter you can add to soothies or toast
You Can use Almond Butter to add healthy protein to your pre workout snacks

Add the chopped bananas and add chia seeds for a little protein boost. The chia seeds really make the toast visually appealing.

You can cut the banana up in 18 pieces and align the fruit in 3 rows of 3 pieces. A drizzle of honey on top can’t be too bad either.

There are so many ways to enjoy chia and bananas as a pre workout snack. We enjoy adding chia seeds to most of our pre workout meals.

6. Sweet Potato Banana Honey Medley  

This one meal can keep you full throughout the whole day if you’re an intermittent faster.

Sweet potatoes provide so much nutrition and really are the meat of this snack. They are abundant in beta carotene and vitamin K. An essential carbohydrate rich snack with a spunky taste to it.

The potatoes are quite large so first peel them and then cut into 8ths.

We recommend that you boil the sweet potatoes after peeling them. So place them in a pot and fill with water, just enough to cover these nutritious veggies.

Boil them until tender when pierced with a fork, this usually takes about 15 minutes.

When your done boiling the sweet potatoes, chop them up into tiny pieces.

Then chop the banana into 18 pieces. Mix both foods together on a plate. Kind of like a fruit medley.

Add honey. The key ingredient to this delicious dish is cinnamon. So add one teaspoon of cinnamon.

Make sure to add enough honey.

Toss all the ingriedients together in a bowl and you have a tasty dish ready to serve that surprisingly goes really well together.

Eat the bananas together with the sweet potatoe when taking bites.

This meal is Packed with all the nutrients you need to sustain your workouts.






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