How Going Vegan Critically Affects Life Expectancy

Going vegan can critically affect life expectancy and change the way you live your life. There is tons of research that supports that a diet rich in whole foods mainly consisting of vegetables and fruits can have serious benefits for your health.

The affects a vegan diet can have on your body are endless ranging from prevention to reversal. Studies suggest that vegans are likely to weigh less than meat eaters and be less insulin resistant.

This, of course, will lead to healthy lifestyles including more opportunity to stay active, social, and seek challenges.

All of which can keep you in a better mood and influence lifestyle choices. Staying happy is said to not only make you feel better but actually directly affect your body. It’s true you truly can die of a broken heart.

Here’s the deal, no matter how much you love those furry animals they aren’t going to show you love right back.

Depending on how much meat you actually eat, you might eventually have to choose between your life or red meat.Photo of Red blackened meat might lower life expectancy

Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone, some people eat less and others eat more. Moderation is usually key, however the more you cut down on, the better your body will feel.

Research shows that people who eat red meat regularly are more likely to become chronically ill.

Processed meats in particular are detrimental to ones health. To the point where meat eaters were much more likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

What is considered Processed meat?

Meat that is cured or salted to be packaged in pieces is considered to be processed. Some examples of processed meat include hot dogs, salami, ham, and pepperoni.

Why is it so bad for you ?

Sodium. Sodium and Sodium. Salt is so bad for you and it is in most packaged meats. The more you eat the more your likely to develop medical conditions that will leave you feeling like total crap and put your life at risk.Photo of a person holding up an unhealthy cheeese burger

Some studies even suggest that constant consumption of these foods can be a lead factor in developing cancer. If that won’t push you into the direction of going vegan then I don’t now what will. Maybe some evidence perhaps?

There are many articles published on the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) that state cancer is more common among people who feast on animal muscles. Bowel cancer in particular is one of the most linked cancers that are caused by consuming too much processed meat.

This will thwart life expectancy rate and diminish your chances of living a long and fruitful life. Don’t do that to yourself, you deserve better. Your heart and mind will thank you for a diet change. Prevention is the cure your looking for.

Why Vegans Live Longer

Your overall health should be monitored closely and the meat you put into your body even closer. So much so as to possibly eliminate it entirely from your diet regimen.

Vegans don’t eat meat or dairy. They avoid unwanted chemicals and hormones placed into processed foods thus allowing their bodies adequate hormonal balance.

Although, not all vegans are the same. The problem lies in the fact that just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you’re eating adequately to support a longer life span

.Photo of Vegetables a staple of a vegan diet relating to life expectancy

A vegan that goes out and still eat junk snacks like bags of chips daily or cookies probably won’t live as long as a meat eater that has cut out these extremely salty foods. Slimming down on junk food is critical to like expectancy.

Don’t think you can just cut out red meat entirely but munch on Doritos every other day. That won’t cut it.

On the other hand, feeding on beans and legumes are foods you should be consuming more often. They can drastically lower cholesterol but only if cooked right.

I say cooked right because pan frying beans with unhealthy fatty oils like butter isn’t going to be all that healthy , now is it?

Preparation is always key and eating raw veggies will always be the healthiest option of all. Unfortunately that isn’t how everybody eats their daily life boosting minerals.

Although, deciding to add in a few servings of these raw veggies can keep you as strong as an ox.

On the other spectrum, people trending towards relying on a heavy red meat diet will trend towards earlier mortality rate.

Displacing a diet rich in meat with plant based protein sources can prevent early death rate from diabetes and certain cancers.

Seeds and nuts are good options to enjoy when seeking out plant based energy sources. They are surprisingly packed with tons of nutrients and minerals to help keep your cholesterol low.

There are a variety of healthy options out there if you take time to explore.

Healthy Habits

Scientist have said that it is tough to compare the two diets. There are many studies comparing vegan diets to meat eating diets.

However, studies over a longer period of time are slim and scarce when compared to shorter periods.

There might not be sufficient enough evidence backing veganism in support of life expectancy.

Although, it is clearly that eating more vegetables and fruits is linked to a reduced mortality rate.Photo of vegetable and kale salad The Daily Supply

A vegan lifestyle can provide you with a diet high in fibers, and plant fibers are better for you. Plant foods are much higher in antioxidants, micro nutrients, and minerals.

Plants still contain protein so it is possible to still get the protein your body needs to build muscles but some people prefer to build muscle with animal proteins.

Research shows that fish can be good sources of omega and healthy fats. On the other hand, they also contain an unhealthy amount of metals if eaten more often.

So, in moderation you could argue that eating fish can keep you healthy.

Eggs are another food that provides lots of protein and don’t affect cholesterol, but contain unhealthy fats. There are two sides of the story two both these foods and it seems that moderation is again key.

Sometimes vegans decide to veer off the path  by choosing to balance their diets with refined sugars and starches like breads, whole grains, and pastas. So it is hard to tell if going vegan will reduce mortality rate as much as we hoped it could.

There are pros and cons to both diets and carefully watching what you eat is going to help the most.

Spending more time focusing on what you are putting into your body and cooking at home recipes with the goal of monitoring nutritional content is always going to be better for you then if you pay little to no attention to the food you eat.

If you decide to avoid red meat, gluten, and starches you will end up being more healthier and in turn should critically prolong life expectancy rate.

Reversing Cardiovascular Disease

A normal westerners diet is said to have 76 times more likely chance of death than those who eat meat once a week. Those people who eat it once a week can have a 23 times more likely mortality rate.

It is clear that just taking meat away 2/3 of the time can have drastic affects. Now imagine if you went full vegan. What could be the benefits of that?

Photo of Heart Painted on shed The Daily Supply

Well, for one you wouldn’t need to spend as much money preparing foods, but on the health side of things it sure seems like going vegan will help you live longer. Not only that but it can reverse cardiovascular disease.

New research shows that going vegan can clear up arteries. I wouldn’t advocate listening to people who say going  vegan may not be a cure for anything.

There is evidence that shows reversal of very bad heart disease with success currently at 100% for people at around 30 years with no medication or operation. Those are odds that are certainly in our favor.

Now jump for joy if you’ve been suffering from chest pains and sluggish feelings because we have found you a way to beat symptoms. A 100% reversal is absolutely mind numbing, who would have thought that could be possible. A plant based diet is like a miracle drug in the form of food.

Don’t mind if I have that Kale smoothie twice a day this week. Honestly, in all seriousness the positives that come out of going vegan are monumental and earth shattering. More people should be aware of this. I mean the proof is in the pudding.

Once you go vegan , your body won’t continue to crave sugars and salts and all that junk put into processed meats. You’ll be thanking yourself you went on this green adventure. The clarity your mind seeks will rightfully be at it’s peak.

Prevention is a cure. Reversal is healing. Healing with whole foods is possible and the research backs it.













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