Effective Exercises for Explosive Speed

Ever wanted to leave your opponents in the dust, beat your buddies bad in a friendly game of touch football, or just speed past other cyclists. We all have a competitive edge in us that wants to maximize our potential. It’s reasons like challenging ourselves that bring us to articles seeking new and effective ways to improve through speed and strength workouts.

There’s nothing better than making friendly banter with your group of buddies after you’ve just toasted them. Here we’re going to provide some good ways you can add to that dynamic skill set.

Before we go over some workouts you guys can’t wait to try, i’m going to quickly brief you on explosive speed training. First of all, I’m no expert but I do love a good workout, and just like you I enjoy some good information. Let’s commence on a quick rundown of what it means to have explosive speed.

What does it mean to be explosive?

Speed is related to the movement of your body and is directly created from contraction of your muscles. Your muscles help produce this movement. Explosiveness is the ability to produce rapid force in the quickest amount of time. Just because a person is strong doesn’t mean they will be explosive. You might be able to life 400 pounds but if it isn’t a rapid movement then you likely aren’t very explosive.

Creating a rapid force in the muscles translates to  enhancing speed. There are many ways to train explosiveness and some of those methods include resistance training.

So in this article we are going to go over some workouts to utilize in building your explosiveness. Lets get you into this list of grueling workouts and build those explosive movements. These will increase your agility, speed, strength and even quickness. They will help you gain the edge you’re looking for.

Warm ups

Before beginning your explosive speed training you got to wake those muscles up. Some good old jumping jacks, high knees or even skips can get the blood going. Doing some form of warm up is essential for your muscles.

I’m sure your letting out an exasperating sigh of boredom right now. I know, I know warm ups are lame and you just want to get right to it. But, hey it seems like coach Arnold was right after all.

Ladies warming up to start explosive speed exercise using rubber band
Ladies warming up using elastic band, We’ll need one of these soon

Improving blood flow and getting those muscles loose is so important in stopping soreness. Not only that but it will get you feeling ready for the fun part. So get that low intensity jog underway and you’re future thank you note in the comment section. You’ll be happy you did both.

Side to Side Hop

You can do 10 seconds of work or even do longer sets. It’s all up to you and you can be creative as you want. A simple method is taping a plus sign on your gym floor or backyard tile.

This training method can be done anytime anywhere, and is so simple. You can hop side to side , or do three triangles, and even up and down. Do this for 10 seconds and then rest for 20 before repeating. Super Simple and can even be used as a warm up.

The idea is to work at maximum velocity to get the best out of your workout. This is to increase speed, strength and even power. Get enough rest to restore your energy. Your muscles need energy to reap the benefits of these workouts. So rest up, sip some water and get back to the grind. The grind we love oh so much. That burn is satisfying, isn’t it? kind of addictive really.

Lunge To High Skip

With one leg out in front and the other knee behind you, we’re going to be doing some explosive sets. These will make you feel like your training for explosiveness and really get that burn going.

Start with your feet together. Take one step backwards with your right or left leg and bend your knee at a 90 degree angle as close to the ground as possible. Kind of resembling a one legged squat position. Then your opposite leg out in front of you will also bend at the knee as you enter a lunge . Then explode upwards into a jump and land in the position you started at.  Repeat this 10 times.

Another option is to rotate which leg ends up directly out in front mid air . Just to add a little extra juice to this workout. You can do sets of as many as you want. Getting enough rest in between sets his vital.

As you get comfortable doing this you can then add light weight dumbbells.

This workout is a plyometric training exercise. The goal is to exert as much force as possible in short time gaps. I’ll be giving you more of these tiny nuggets a long the way.

Repeated Long Jumps

It doesn’t get any more simple or easier than this one quick workout. As they say you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel.

Start in standing position, feet shoulder length apart. Repeat long jumps focusing on getting as far and up as possible. Do as many as you can as Fast as you can. Do this in a straight line until you feel that burning in your legs. That’s the indication to take your 20 second rest

.Man with redshirt doing a Long jump training for Speed and Explosion

Rest until you feel like you ready to go again and repeat the set. 10 jumps at a time should do wonders.

These will help build your core and lower body and are serious speed strength boosters. You’ve probably seen these before and even done them many times. But these are powerful workouts, the pure basics will help you man handle your competition.

Walking High knees

Yet again, another basic technique. These can be done in variation of ways. From quick explosive high knees to a much slower version. Focus on keep your knees high and exploding the second your feet touch the floor.

This movement is crucial in enhancing speed. The quicker you are the better the results.

effective high knee exercise building explosive speed
High Knees focusing on Quick and Explosive steps

The goal is to get your knee as high up as possible and do as many as you can before you tire out. These ones just like the other workouts work up a sweat. You’ll get to cut weight and train that core just in time your bike ride. The cores for the ladies or gents!

Running High Skips

In this workout we’re going to focus on exploding as soon as your feet hit the ground. The goal is to exert maximum force with every skip. Jump out of the side angle and really focus on explosion. Pump your arms as you continue to hop. These are a significant training method in developing power, speed, and strength.

These types of workouts will help you get fast quick! Don’t miss out on these simple exercises .

When you get used it you can really start pushing yourself and increasing your speed with every jump. Rest in between sets.

Forward Knee with Band

Many people avoid using the band. It’s so simple yet people think they don’t need it. This just isn’t the case as strapping the band to your foot attached to a stretchy rope can have numerous benefits on your game.

Something as simple as finding a rubber band is going to go a long way. In this exercise we are hooking the band to our ankle behind us and raising our foot as if we are running. Pump arms with each drive. Pros do this three times a week.

Train like pro , perform like one too. This workout is so simple and effective. Don’t miss out on it. I can feel your forty time getting faster with every pump.

Elastic Band Mimic Sprint

These are easy to find. Place the band around your ankles.

Drive your leg up and pump your arms like a sprinting motion.

The key is to get resistance with each pump. These will make you very fast. So simple and easy. This one should never be skipped. No excuse to not be able to do this one.


Push yourself to your limits and you will progress. As in any speed training workout we are always going to be required to actually run.

Women does speed training exercise

Start with simple easy 20 yard sprints, then 30, and 40. Increasing distance with every rep. Work on focusing on increasing your speed to the max with every sprint. These workout will benefit your overall speed and for the athlete should be mandatory.

Do these every day and you are sure to see a huge difference.

Take breaks if you can’t get through it. Refuel with water or electrolyte drink. Do what you got to do to get through these speed training exercises.

Skips for distance

Running high skips focusing on gaining height and distance with our skips. We are going to do these out of our sprints. Focus on exploding with every long skip and cycling our legs through. The farther we skip the more effective these workouts will be for us.

Don’t let your hips sink down, and cycle legs through while keep your knees high. Push into your power position, don’t dip your hips.

I really stress this because you can tear hamstrings by doing these wrong.

They are kind of awkward but make sure you stay forward in front of your body. Really focus on staying forward and going forward without any dip in posture.

Get as much rest as you need in between reps.

Athlete Taking A Breather Inbetween Explosive Training Sets
Athlete takes a Breather. Rest up between sessions to get full benefits. Quality over Quantity

This one is high intensity and will really get you sucking for air. Start with 30 yards, and then 40, and 50. Gradually increasing speed and distance with every rep.










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